Driving Range and Practice Greens
The Burswood Park Golf Course driving range is excellent for golfers of all skill levels. Practice those long drives – day or night – in a charming river-front setting, or use the all-grass chipping and putting greens to hone your skills. A number of the greens are lighted, and four practice bunkers are in close proximity.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday – 7:00am – 6:00pm

Monday,Wednesday,Friday to Sunday – Sunrise – 6:00pm

Small Bucket- $6

Medium Bucket- $10

Large Bucket- $15

Jumbo Bucket- $22


Food and Beverage
You’ll never go hungry at Burswood Park Golf Course. Choose from our luxurious, fully-licensed garden cafe, the Sprig Bar with its revitalising alfresco area or our fully-catered Riverside Function Centre.

The Vardon Café
Our fully licensed cafe is conviently located on your way to the 1st tee or as your halfway crossover for that icy cold drink or snack. With amazing views of the city skyline and putting greens, the Vardon Cafe can provide you with refreshments and snacks to lower your handicap!

Sprig Bar

Enjoy a well deserved beer, wine or sparkling in the the air-conditioned comfort of the Sprig Bar. The bar boasts an intimate club house feel, with two plasma TV screens often showing sport. A spacious and shady patio area is the ideal place to celebrate your round of golf whilst taking in the stunning views of the Perth skyline, Swan River and of course the golf course!

About Us

The Burswood Park Golf Course site was established in 1895 by the Perth Golf Club – the first in Western Australia. Today, the site is a challenging and picturesque course set against the backdrop of Perth’s beautiful Swan river.

Facilities include a pro shop, licensed café, bar and function centre, driving range, chipping and putting greens and parking for 200 cars. We aim to provide meaningful recreation for players of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Sand For Golf Courses Is Important To Figure Out

bunkerOn the surface, sand is a bothersome annoyance to many golfers if they hit their balls into bunkers. However, sand is worth much more than just that. The thing about sand is that it has to be made with several critical pointers in mind.

A quick note: Many of these points for sand in golf courses are based off of USGA standards. The United States Golf Association has focused on many standards with the purpose of making sure that the sand is designed quite well.

Particles Have To Be Small

You may notice that it is hard for you to clean out all those sand particles from your hair and elsewhere in your body after you hit a bill out of it. This is especially because all sand particles for bunkers have to be measured with extreme care in mind.

Sand particles have to be about one-quarter of a millimeter to one full millimeter in size each. It’s clear that you have to wash your hair off after getting out on the golf course but even the best shampoo for dry hair like at www.odorify.com is not going to do much in order to get rid of every single bit of sand in your hair.

What About Other Compounds?

All particles of sand in a golf course have to be checked to ensure that they are clean and clear. Sand cannot contain any silt, clay or other impurities. Washing and filtration processes are typically used in the sand preparation process to ensure that the sand for a course will be as clear as possible.

Angles Are Needed

Angular sand bits that feature particles that are a little flatter in shape are typically recommended for golf courses. This makes it so the sand will not be as likely to shift. This is needed in order to keep the purity of a bunker intact so there are fewer lumps and other hassles all around the sand.

White Is Needed

White sand is preferred for all golf courses. This is primarily with the purpose of ensuring that the sand will be easy to see from a distance. In addition, white sands tend to differentiate themselves from the color of a golf ball a little better than other sands. This is typically great for golfers but at the same time it also works for television purposes as white sand tends to look a little better through a camera lens than any other type of option.

sandRemoving Sand

In some cases sand has to be replaced on an annual basis. This is to ensure that the sand in a spot is to stay fresh. All old sand must be removed before it can be replaced with new sand that comes with the same standards that you have read about right here.

Sand is critical for all golf courses. If the right sand is used in accordance with USGA standards then it should be easier for the sand to work well for all golfers. This is to create a full look for a golf course that can fit in well with what you expect to get out of your experience at such a spot.